About Us /  關於我們

New Century Workshop was founded in 2005.  It offers musicians a full spectrum of sheet music, music books, audio CDs, vinyl records and DVDs, featuring all styles of music for every talent level and major instruments. Our genre varies from Canton Pop, Christian music, classical music, jazz and rock music etc.  Over the years, we have been recognized as the top sellers at the largest music stores in Hong Kong. As the FIRST LEGAL music online shop in Hong Kong, we expand our 100% official and legal sheet music for instant download and printing at an unbeatable price to customers worldwide. Our ever-growing catalog includes downloadable digital music sheet, music books, audio CDs, vinyl records and DVDs.

New Century Workshop成立於2005年,為音樂愛好者提供各種不同風格的樂譜、音樂書籍、CD、黑膠唱片和DVD。多年來,我們的音樂產品一直是香港最大音樂商店最暢銷的, 包括廣東流行音樂、基督教音樂、古典音樂、爵士樂和搖滾音樂等。作為香港的第一間合法的音樂網上商店,我們致力以最佳的價格向全球客戶提供100%官方音樂和樂譜,以便即時下載和打印。我們的產品目錄包括可下載的樂譜,音樂書籍,CD、黑膠唱片和DVD, 而產品數目仍在不斷增加中。